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PlexiDrone Performance Review

PlexiDrone X8 Performance review video created by DreamQii engineering inters. This PlexiDrone video contains a few clips of PlexiDrone landing in what would be impossible conditions for other drone platforms.

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PlexiDrone Backer Tribute

A PlexiDrone video dedicated to our original backers who supported PlexiDrone in becoming the #1 Canadian crowd-funded campaign. Based in North America, we are proud to deliver PlexiDrone to our backers and to over 97 countries worldwide. This video gives you a glimpse in to the journey from conceptual design through to manufacturing.

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PlexiDrone is Built Tough

PlexiDrone video review focused on its ability to easily land in rough terrain. Unlike any other commercially available drone, PlexiDrone is designed to absorb extreme shock on landing. PlexiDrone's landing gear is also designed to make tough landings extra safe by easily handling up to 20 degrees in tilt angle.

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PlexiDrone's Advanced Safety Features

PlexiDrone has advanced sensors and high power antennas that make flying indoors easy. Hold position and avoid obstacles with a combination of obstacle avoidance, altitude hold, and high precision optical flow sensors to automatically keep PlexiDrone steady while you focus on filming.

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PlexiDrone's Basic Features

Learn about PlexiDrone's most basic features straight from one of our lead industrial designers! This segment is focused PlexiDrone's portability and the unmatched power and safety of the PlexiDrone X8 platform.

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